Courses at Chalmers

Emergent trends and Critical Topics in Interaction Design, CIU 281

Human-centered design, TDA486

Research Ethics & Sustainable Development, GFOK025  – PhD Course at Chalmers University of Technology (PhD course, revised and further developed) (2014-2017)

Transdisciplinary Research Methods, IT00004  – PhD Course at University of Gothenburg, developed (2016-current reading course)


Courses at MDH

Research Methods in Natural Sciences and Engineering (CDT403) PhD & Masters course (together with Jan Gustafsson) (2000 – 2017)

Formal Languages, Automata and Theory of Computation, CD5560  (2002 – 2014)

Advanced Computational Thinking and Writing Research Toolbox (2009-2012)

Computational Thinking and Writing Research Toolbox (20012-2013)

Information - Knowledge - Science - Ethics (in Swedish) (developed and taught with Jan Gustafsson 2013-2015

Information-kunskap-etik - current teaching

Philosophy of Computer Science, Swedish National Course (with PI-network) 2004

The Methodology of Science in Technology CDT212, (with Dr Jan Gustafsson) (2002–2010)

Scientific Methods in Computer Science CD5420 (with Dr Jan Gustafsson) (2001-2002)

Professional Ethics in Science and Engineering, CD5590 (2003 – 2017)

Computing and Philosophy, Global Course (with University of Illinois, Springfield, and several European universities) (2008 – 2014) (PhD)

Research Thinking and Writing Toolbox (2009-2012)

Pedagogic Projects

TEACHING EXCELLENCE DEGREE - The highest of three levels of proficiency in teaching, awarded in 2007


PIFF PROJECT (Pedagogic project supported by NSHU)

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